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JGE Development is our REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT practice. We focus on transforming underperforming assets and underutilized parcels into stabilized income-restricted, and market-rate multi-family housing. JGE Development partners with communities to activate and improve historically disinvested neighborhoods throughout Boston’s inner city and urban core.


J. Garland Enterprises (JGE) is a Boston-based 100% minority-owned ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN firm with a comprehensive portfolio comprised of multi-family housing, mixed-use development, academic, life sciences, commercial, and university projects. Every project presents a uniquely different client team, programmatic goal, budgetary constraint, and regulatory approval process. JGE appreciates the profound impact design has on our communities, so we work collaboratively with our clients, design teams, and stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. We deliver buildings that capture the spirit of their surroundings while also emphasizing their own unique identities.

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